Submission Guidelines


Submissions for Issue Two ‘Environment’ are now closed. We are not currently taking submissions for print but feel free to send us an introductory email or pitch to do an 'Instagram Takeover' on the @ablezine social media.


submit @ ablezine .com


Please note: We recognise that some people may require additional support in order to complete the submissions process outlined below. If this sounds like you, please get in touch with us over email (submit @ ablezine .com) or on social media in order to request assistance, and we will do our best to get back to you.




Who can submit to Able Zine?


We’re looking for insightful and original content that fits within Able Zine’s overall mission. Able Zine is a publication that provides a platform for content relating to disability, illness, mental health, neurodiversity and other forms of diversity crucial to creating equitable treatment in healthcare spaces and equal opportunity in creative culture spaces. We seek to prioritise intersectional perspectives and voices that are omitted from more mainstream publications and conversations due to ableism, racism, sexism, transphobia, queerphobia and fatphobia. We encourage submissions from people who identify as disabled, sick, chronically ill, injured, mentally ill and neurodiverse. We welcome submissions from gender-variant people (Trans, Queer, Intersex, Non-Binary and gender non-conforming). We highly encourage submissions by Black writers, contributors and artists of colour. Able Zine will consider submissions from non-disabled people providing the work centres disability in some form.


All submissions will be considered and our team reserves the right to accept or deny any submissions that we receive. All content that is submitted to Able Zine must be copyright free and plagiarism free. The contributor must be the original copyright holder and all parties that are involved in the submission including the authors, artistic team, models and featured individuals, agree to grant Able Zine the right to publish your work on our platform. 


Can I submit pre-published/pre-existing work?


When submitting content to be published in Able Zine, ideally, the content you submit should not be previously published elsewhere, in any other magazine, blog, website, or on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook. If the work has been published in part elsewhere – including your own website/personal portfolio or social media  – you must let us know when submitting. In some circumstances we will publish pre-existing, pre-published work depending on the type of the project.


If you are pitching to other magazines and we have agreed to run the project first, the story becomes exclusive to us, and you may not publish the project elsewhere. Unless agreed, if you share this work elsewhere in between submitting to us, confirmation and publication, we reserve the right to pull the content from our editorial line-up without your consent. We reserve the right to deny or accept any submission based on available space, content and quality. 


Following the launch of the issue, images/work may be published elsewhere, crediting Able Zine as the source. Images, excerpts and quotes may not be used from either online or print without full credit to both the author/artist and Able Zine.


Does Able Zine pay for submissions? 


No, we do not currently pay for submissions. We endeavour to create opportunities to pay people whenever possible and are consistently working towards acquiring larger funding amounts and sponsorships in order to do so. However, until we reach this goal, all submissions and contributions should be considered voluntary. Any expenses or costs of your contribution are at your own risk and expense, unless discussed and agreed prior to production with our Editor-in-Chief. The majority of contributors will be offered a complimentary copy of the magazine in which they are featured.


What does Able Zine do with its sales money?


Able Zine currently runs as a nonprofit publication. All proceeds from the print publication are reinvested into the next issue, projects, content and events by Able Zine, other expenses and printing costs. Able Zine also offers discounts and freebies to unemployed and low-income individuals, which is only possible with the support of our readers and friends.


When will I hear back?


Please do not expect to hear back on your pitch/submission immediately unless we decide to commission. It is unlikely we are able to offer individual feedback on every email received as everyone that works on Able has their own disabilities and health conditions that remain a priority, as well as their time being voluntary and unpaid. Therefore please don’t feel disheartened. You are welcome to follow up if you haven’t heard back from us within a month. If you don’t hear from us, we still may reach out to you in the future if a relevant opportunity arises.


For more specific guidelines on written submissions, image submissions and specifications please click here.