Able Zine Issue 1 Digital PDF

Able Zine Issue 1 Digital PDF

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This listing is for a copy of an interactive PDF version of Issue 1. When you purchase this listing, you will be asked for your details and payment, and then we will send you a download link via the email address provided. Please allow 3 working days for us to send the link before contacting us.


Issue 1 holds 156 pages of content, images and interviews with amazing individuals living with various diagnoses ranging from Cancer and Cystic Fibrosis to EDS, Epidermolysis Bullosa and Endometriosis. Able contains original content on topics such as health, mobility, invisible disability, chronic illness and mental health- stigmatised topics mainstream media doesn’t regularly engage with. We also have features with a few big names such as Ericka Hart, Zebedee Model Management, Hanecdote, HTML Flowers, comedian Rosie Jones and more!

IMAGE 1 ID: An image from the back cover of Issue 1. This image is of Rafi Solaiman, a young white man with their back to the camera. It is shot from his shoulders upwards so that the viewer can see the large scar down the back of his head. He is wearing an orange and blue patterned jumper with a brown jacket tied diagonally across their body.

IMAGE 2 ID: Double page spread from Able Zine. The spread is titled INVISIBLE. The left-hand page contains a symbol for the London Underground. Across the centre of the symbol is the title and directly beneath it says ‘WORDS BY CHARLOTTE WATSON’. In the background is a map similar to the underground with multiple coloured strands all linking and connecting up. Below at the bottom of the page, there is a passage that introduces the article. The left page is a deep blue colour. At the top of it are two graphics of people drawn as symbols. These are cut up into jigsaw shapes with a piece missing from each one. On the bottom half of the page is a body of text split into two columns.

IMAGE 3 ID: Double page spread from Able Zine. Both pages are a light pink colour with black images and text. The left-hand page is titled at the top ‘HTML FLOWERS KICKING AND SCREAMING’. Around the title are illustrations of small pink and white flowers. The rest of the page contains two columns of text. The right-hand page is a collage of two drawings and a grid-style form in the background. The largest illustration is a portrait of someone with shaved hair, breathing tube and large scars on their head. The second illustration is of someone lying on their back with their neck supported in a collar. The background image is a hospital form that a patient would fill out.

IMAGE 4 ID: Double page spread from Able Zine. On the right hand side is a body of text. On the left hand side is a photograph which shows two prothesis legs stood in a garden backdrop. Surrounded by foliage, the legs are a beige skin tone with colourful hand drawn tattoos all over.